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If you are interested in achieving the pre-class frequency of the shock effect, please select this pre-electronic four frequency board it! If your amp and speakers do not currently have quad clocking, we recommend that you use this divider in a single step, using shorts and plug-in modules first for two-way or three- Frequency system, when the conditions are appropriate to easily change to four frequency, this is the frequency of great flexibility and playability board and practical

To rush to hurry to make friends wake up, the four-way board composed of stereo system needs two boards, a board is only mono 4 output, to avoid the number of your mistake to delay your use.

The frequency divider board reference to the United States ESP\'s design, set to monaural four output structure, that is, into the four, stereo need two boards, input stereo left and right channel signal, the output of 8-channel signal is divided into left treble, Left middle, left bass, left bass and right treble, right middle, right bass, right bass, you can directly push the 8-way amplifier circuit.

★ need special note is that this board should be accurately called multi-frequency board, that is, 2,3,4 combination of frequency board, because it can not only be made into four frequency, and can easily do two-way board And the use of three-frequency board, which do not have to do now for the four-frequency system components (that is, the number of insufficient power amplifier, the number of speakers, etc.), later made four frequency friends, leaving room for expansion. That is, you can now purchase or use of the hands of the amplifier, speakers, the frequency divider board to make the first two or three frequency use, the conditions are ripe to do after the four-frequency plug-in module and cable can be completed, can be described as a Board multi-purpose, very playable space.





Highlights of this crossover board:

★ excellent frequency circuit

★ Crossover frequency without peak without valley

★ two three four frequency free combination

★ Crossover point for easy setup

★ 8-channel output independent adjustment

★ fever-class design

★ perfect reproduction of the original sound



The main technical parameters:


1, the filter type: Linkwitz-Riley filter

2, the crossover point: 380HZ / 850HZ / 4600HZ (ie 20-380HZ for the bass output 380-850HZ for the low-frequency output 850-4600HZ for the mid-range output 4600-20000HZ for the treble output) Crossover point can be customized other frequencies FREE)

3, the attenuation slope: -24dB / Oct

4, the board structure: Monaural four-channel output, treble, midrange, low-range, bass output amplitude and volume can be independently adjustable, a set of two stereo components, set aside the combination of mounting holes available hexagonal copper pillars Laminated installation, reduce the space area.

5, op amp chip: original import TI\'s NE5532 (of course, according to customer needs to replace other op amps such as: OPA2604AU OP275G TL072, etc.)

6, the potentiometer type: 09-type 10K single-sealed potentiometer potentiometer spacing: 26mm

7, board Dimensions: 135 * 100mm, single board height: 20mm Installation distance: 127 * 92mm Pore size: 3.2mm

8, the supply voltage and current: DC (DC) dual power supply plus or minus 12-15V, DC current is not greater than 72mA (plus or minus 15V voltage, that is, each op amp current 8mA)

9, plug-in: audio input ---- single-joint lotus socket sub-output ---- 4 Lianhua socket, and the other with screw terminals (see below) for your choice, just statement, not Statement when the seller made a lotus socket.

10, flexible use: can be two, three, four frequency conversion between the use of the board.


the matched power pcb:


LM317 LM337 active servo power board LF353 Panasonic adjustable power supply schematic diagram of the finished product


Panasonic active servo power board, enthusiasts favorite power, high-speed, stable and reliable, is the ideal power supply supporting audio front-end
Introduction: imported LM317 and LM337 and high-speed operational amplifier LF353 composed of Panasonic servo positive and negative DC power adjustment system.
Uses: pre-power, experimental power, low-power applications, mainly for pre-audio power supply system to provide pure and stable high-speed servo power
Performance parameters:
Input voltage: AC double 10V to AC double 18V, (the maximum voltage determined by the transformer)
Output voltage: positive and negative DC voltage plus or minus 9V to plus or minus 18V, before shipment to adjust to the commonly used positive and negative 15V (adjustable to the maximum voltage determined by the transformer)
Output current: 1-1.5A
Circuit board specifications: long 86 * wide 52 * high 28 mm
Screw mounting dimensions: 78 * 44mm


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  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size: 24cm x 12cm x 10cm (9.45in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size: 24cm x 12cm x 10cm (9.45in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
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